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Big Sean — Funk Flex Freestyle is a hot new song that is raging through the internet and all over the is widely listened to in diffrent countires and regions by diffrent classes of people both young and old is a multidimensional song that by Big sean.

Big Sean brought it full circle Tuesday with a multi-beat freestyle session on Funk Flex’s Hot 97 show that included a run over a classic College Dropoutera Kanye West beat.

“We fresh from the awards, bro, I just got off the stage like an hour ago,” Sean explained, followed by some reminiscing from Flex about the first time the two met, pre-fame.

“You came up to me, you said ‘I just signed with Ye’ and he says ‘I have some stuff coming that you gon’ like’ . . . But you haven’t changed. The way I met you that day is the way you’ve always been,” Flex said. “I’ve always noticed that about you.”

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